Quality solutions for a unique and spectacular living!

    For more than ten years, Kitchen Studio Living & More has been working with different clients to provide quality solutions for a unique and spectacular living.

    Experience has helped us evolve and maintain a client-centric process for your renovation need, in order to make it as easy, simple and personal it can get to create your brand new custom kitchen.

    The rich portfolio of the projects we have undertaken has been a valuable source of knowledge to better understand your needs and to gain a methodical approach that aims to a satisfying aesthetic and functional result.

    Every new kitchen project is a whole different case.
    Innovative conception and creativity are virtues that characterize our specialized team when a new kitchen is developed, while giving equal attention to your needs and the possibilities existing on transforming your place into a dreamy and personal space to live in.

    No matter your budget, quality comes first for us.
    We believe that everyone has the right for an exceptional personal space and we make sure to offer it to you in the best way possible for #morethanliving kitchen!

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