Lolli e Memmoli

The brand Lolli e Memmoli, created in 1993 by the Architects Ivan Lolli and Mario Memmoli, gave a new interpretation of the crystal chandelier, giving it a contemporary feel, through constant design, research and technical innovation.

The collection is sophisticated and exclusive, distinguished by a contemporary form of deconstructionism applied to the shape of the classic baroque chandelier.  Lolli e Memmoli deconstruct and reinterpret its sinuous arms and curvy lines, creating essential and neat geometries that succeed in enriching and expanding the light source thanks to the clever gradual stratification of several layers of Bohemiam-cut Venetian crystals.  The palette is very wide and is updated every year with new purpose-made shadings and tonalities.

Every single item in the collection is made in Italy in Lolli e Memmoli studio located in Milan; like any original work of art all Lolli e Memmoli creations come with a badge proving its authenticity.  The collection is handmade and each piece is a one-off item, a piece in which crystals are assembled in a unique architecture of order and disorder: a skillfully balanced blend for a striking and exciting final effect.

The collection is constantly shown in some of the most important fashion and lifestyles magazines around the world, internationally recognized as a sign of quality and excellence with a unique product focused on enhancing the inner beauty of our homes.

Using experience gained over 16 years Lolli e Memmoli have been able to create a design icon in crystal chandeliers which has become an inspiration to many other brands.

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