Kitchen Design Trends for 2017

    The New Year has come and our team is already looking forward to the new design trends in home interior. Creative ways and smart concepts to design your new kitchen, for a unique contemporary living. Check out some of the 2017 Trends to get your kitchen in-trend and make your home shine.

    Mixed Materials

    The kitchen design process has become much more personal the last years, as the kitchen has slowly evolved from a functional space to a core representation of own aesthetics and view, given equal attention to both practicality and decoration. As a result, in 2017 we will see the use of mixed materials become more usual by borrowing pieces and bits from a variety of styles to create a unique kitchen solution.

    Natural Colours & Finishes

    Modern design doesn’t necessary mean glossy looks and monochromatic colours.
    In 2017, our relationship with nature seems even more vital in our everyday fast paced city life. Thus integrated wooden finishes and colours in to the kitchen area, are more relevant than ever. A durable and beautiful material to work with, wood consists a contemporary kitchen design solution that offers warmness, sustainability and style.

    Open Elements

    Open Elements have become popular the last year and they will not go anywhere for 2017.
    Open elements give a unique character to the kitchen and the opportunity for the user to showcase his/her beautiful collections of plates, teacups and favorite tableware pieces. The design solution will offer functionality and add a modern view in your brand new kitchen.

    We hope that you take some inspiration from the upcoming trends presented for 2017.
    Develop and deisgn your own kitchen at Kitchen Studio Living And More, for an exclusive look and a unique style within the latest trends and the best quality materials.

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