Kitchen is our passion.

Kitchen Studio Living & More supports the idea of the home experience.
The domestic environment is something unique for each one and represents an aesthetic of living, the place where you relax, work and create special memories with beloved friends and family.

We believe the place that fully expresses this idea is the kitchen area, as it consists the heart of your home where love takes place, a special bonding is developed to reveal the true essence of family.
From the food preparation to cooking and themed decoration, home dining is definitely the best type of entertainment to show your love and connect.

Kitchen Studio Living & More continues after ten years to provide home solutions for an exquisite way of life based on our need for quality time and socialization that is only developed among the people we care about. These are the values we believe in and consider for our clients.

Every project is unique for us.
We do not just design kitchens.
We listen carefully to your needs, respect your dreams and together we create your future memories.

Experience your #morethanliving. Create your dreamy kitchen with us.

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