Componibili series as Emojis | Kartell NEW Arrival

    The Componibili has turned 50, proving to be a timeless classic. Originally created by Anna CastelliFerrieri in 1967, it can be considered a symbol of an era where new aesthetic paths were created and domestic living found a new dimension.
    The classic piece capturesthe creative temperament and progressive thinking of that time, successfully incorporating technology in the design process through the innovative use of plastic, a material of cultural value.

    Kartell celebrates the brand created by Anna CastelliFerrieri with a tribute exhibition, held inSalone de Mobile 2017, that invites distinguished designers to reinterpret and give a personal take on the iconic model.

    The Italian Designer Fabio Novembre finds inspiration in our modern technological times, in his own interpretation of the classic storage series. The three Emoji versions of Componibili are made with cutouts to resemble a winking, straight and smiley face.

    The designer explains:

    “Emojis are based on facial expressions, the ultimate preverbal form of communication. It’s a need to go to the origin of things. I’m aware that past, present and future are just links in the same chain; however, I am a man of my time and my responsibility is to give it form.”

    The minimalist approach of Novembre is intentional, as it is his own way of paying respects to the brilliant work and ideas of Ferrieri.

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