Kitchen Studio offers bedroom storage space solutions of the renowned Italian firm Zalf which provides a large number of customized options for each individual’s lifestyle.

Zalf’s sophisticated wardrobes are a must-have for the contemporary home. Natural or bright colours, mat finishes, mirror or glazed doors are some basic features that define the wardrobe’s aesthetic style. Zalf’s high standards guarantee quality furniture of a distinctive design, durable and lasting in time.

Zalf designers use adjustable systems that can be easily integrated into your space. A variety of systems is proposed, such as wardrobes with sliding or hinged doors and walk-in closets. Zalf’s wardrobes can be very easily reorganised as one desires, thanks to interior fittings like pull-out trays, shelves and drawers. The materials used are wisely selected to sustain heavy contents, and resist scratches, stains and abrasions.

Zalf has obtained the European certification UNI EN 14749 for its safety and practices. The use of eco-panels and the significantly low level of formaldehyle emissions are indicative of the company’s environmental and sustainability awareness. The state-of-the-art lighting technology of Zalf wardrobes integrates LED lights for energy saving and reduced ultraviolet radiation and heat.

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